Whites Cottage Homes
Whites Cottage Homes

The Charity

As mentioned on our History page, the original trust required that the Homes were to be occupied by “decayed gentlewomen” or “females of small pecuniary means” having an income between £20 and £35 per year, aged over sixty and having a connection with Bromsgrove.

Things obviously have to change over time. In the 1980s the Charity Commission made a Scheme to update the administration of the charity and to amalgamate the original trust with a charity called “Miss Fowler’s Endowment for White’s Homes”, which had been set up in 1916. As well as setting out rules for the appointment of residents, the charity’s residents were now to be “women in need” of not less than 60 years of age, with a preference for such women “resident at the time of their appointment “ in the area of the Ancient Parish of Bromsgrove.

In 2016 the trustees took the decision to convert the charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, the modern form of charity structure, and formed and registered (as they had to do) a new Charity under the name Thomas White Cottage Homes (2016) Charity.

Following and under the authority of an Order from the Charity Commission all the assets and liabilities of the former charity vested in the new Organisation on 1st January 2017. It is this new Organisation which today maintains and continues the spirit and essence of Thomas White’s original gift by providing almhouse accommodation for women in need, over sixty, resident in Bromsgrove.

Further information of the Charity’s financial position, of its trustees, and other relevant information can be seen on its registration details at the Charity Commission website.