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Whites Cottage Homes

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The Warden supports the general well being of residents without seeking to interfere in their lives or intrude on their privacy. He walks round the estate and houses twice a week, (usually on Monday and Thursday mornings) to meet residents and to check if there are any difficulties. If a resident does not wish to receive a visit or call, she may of course ask not to be disturbed.

The Warden is responsible for minor building maintenance and reports the need for all other work required to the Clerk, or where delegated so to do, to a nominated contractor. In an emergency, and if available, the Warden will call for help on a resident’s behalf.

The Warden does not provide personal care or fetch shopping or prescriptions and residents are required to make appropriate arrangements with friends or next of kin if help is needed in these or similar areas.

Repairs and Decorations

The Trustees are responsible for both external and internal repairs and for external decoration of the Homes. Internal decoration and the maintenance of the internal fabric in good order is the responsibility of the resident. Where it is necessary to carry out repairs or redecorations, residents are where appropriate consulted about the arrangements and are informed when the work will start and how long it is planned to last.


The Charity insures the buildings only. Residents are responsible for the insurance of their own contents and personal possessions.


For residents over 75 years old the television licence is free. Those over retirement age and below 75 years of age may be entitled to a concessionary television licence at a cost of £7.50 (in 2017). The Clerk organises the licence and contacts annually those residents required to make a concessionary contribution.


The garden has been laid out for the use and benefit of all residents. However, most properties have adjacent areas which residents choose to maintain themselves. Grass cutting is the Charity’s responsibility; although, in some cases, more active residents may do this themselves.


Pets are not allowed on site or in flats other than in exceptional circumstances when the trustees may, in their discretion, allow a pet to be kept or brought on site.